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[texts]Star Trek - Starfleet Academy - Starship Bridge Simulator (1994)(Interplay)(US)
Star Trek - Starfleet Academy - Starship Bridge Simulator (1994)(Interplay)(US)
Keywords: rhc; ihc; ship; rhe; player; bridge; shields; simulator; sensor; start button; directional pad
Downloads: 42
[texts]Virtual Boy Wario Land (1995)(Nintendo)(US)
Virtual Boy Wario Land (1995)(Nintendo)(US)
Keywords: button; adjustment; screen; pause; wario; press; game; virtual; worio; automatic pause; start button; virtual boy
Downloads: 44
[texts]3DO Manual: BC Racers (1995)(GoldStar)(US)
3DO Manual: BC Racers (1995)(GoldStar)(US)
Keywords: button; bike; heat; ploying; riders; pressing; race; press; piess; game; start button; league table; compact disc
Downloads: 50
[texts]Radical Rex (1994)(Activision)(US)
Radical Rex (1994)(Activision)(US)
Keywords: rex; sega; radical; dinosaur; activision; prehistoric; dino; skriitch; cursor; dinos; radical rex; start button; options menu; dinosaur egg; control pad
Downloads: 19
[texts]NBA Jam TE (1995)(Akklaim)(US)[SLUS-00002]
NBA Jam TE (1995)(Akklaim)(US)[SLUS-00002]
Keywords: player; acclaim; tournament; turbo; nba; ball; playstation; game; button; warranty; start button; tournament edition; acclaim software; software product
Downloads: 33
[texts]Red Alarm (1995)(T&E Soft)(US)
Red Alarm (1995)(T&E Soft)(US)
Keywords: kaos; button; ipd; irom; game; homing; focus; pause; mech; start button; red alarm; homing missiles; controller functions; automatic pause
Downloads: 34
[texts]XBOX Manual: Stubbs the Zombie
XBOX Manual: Stubbs the Zombie
Keywords: stubbs; button; punchbowl; zombie; seizures; thumbstick; possessed; zombies; wye; game; video games; thumbstick pause; start button; left thumbstick
Downloads: 35
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Touch Me (Atari)

Keywords: game; touch; button; skill; signal; player; signals; sequence; press; quence; start button; game press; skill levels; highest score; skill button
Downloads: 83
[texts]Puggsy (1993)(Psygnosis)(US)
Puggsy (1993)(Psygnosis)(US)
Keywords: puggsy; sega; button; pressing; objects; password; game; object; spaceship; gorzon; start button; moves arms; options menu; control pad
Downloads: 49
[texts]Sega Saturn Manual: Myst (1995)(Acclaim)(US)
Sega Saturn Manual: Myst (1995)(Acclaim)(US)
Keywords: acclaim; sega; cursor; warranty; button; saturn; game; software; esrb; epileptic; acclaim software; control pad; sega saturn; default setting; start button
Downloads: 39
[movies]Tech News Weekly Ep. 110 - Return of the Start Button 5-31-13
This week on Tech News Weekly: Nintendo and Best Buy form partnership to bring games playable only at E3 to Best Buy stores. How will this help Nintendo? Tim Cook reveals Apple will open it's APIs to developers and confirms Jony Ives' influence in iOS 7 at D11. Is opening access to Apple APIs good for developers? Microsoft confirms new features for Windows 8.1, including a start button. Will the start button's return be enough to win over critics? Fanhattan plans to release a set top box with cl...
Keywords: news&information; talk&interview; technology; jony ive; tim cook; microsoft; start button; nintendo; best buy; fanhattan; tumblr; yahoo; windows 8; android
Downloads: 1
[texts]Jaguar XJ220 (1993)(JVC)(US)
Jaguar XJ220 (1993)(JVC)(US)
Keywords: ond; directional; press; gome; pad; track; pod; moke; select; icon; directional pad; directional pod; ond press; grand prix; mom gome; gome menu; start button; directionol pod
Downloads: 27
[texts]XBOX Manual: Dead or Alive 3 (2005)(Tecmo)(US)
XBOX Manual: Dead or Alive 3 (2005)(Tecmo)(US)
Keywords: mode; tho; button; tag; directional; doa; opponent; game; directional pad; iho; sparring mode; mode allows; start button; combo attack; tag combo; time attack; modo allows; options mode
Downloads: 29
[texts]Epson All-In-One Stylus CX7800 Printer Basics Guide - Epson
Epson All-In-One Stylus CX7800 Printer Basics Guide
Keywords: epson; stylus; print; select; ink; paper; photo; press; printing; button; epson stylus; print head; photo paper; ink cartridge; paper type; plain paper; type button; start button
Downloads: 16
[texts]Chuck Rock II - Son of Chuck (1993)(Virgin)(US)
Chuck Rock II - Son of Chuck (1993)(Virgin)(US)
Keywords: sega; chuck; junior; game; press; button; screen; virgin; menu; epileptic; chuck junior; main menu; enclosed product; start button; control pad; chuck rock
Downloads: 24
[texts]Robo Aleste (1993)(Sega)(US)
Robo Aleste (1993)(Sega)(US)
Keywords: robo; sega; tengen; dennin; warranty; weapon; aleste; press; game; screen; robo aleste; direction pad; options menu; start button; special weapon; lies ahead
Downloads: 22
[texts]Tekken 3 (1998)(Namco)(US)[SLUS-00402]
Tekken 3 (1998)(Namco)(US)[SLUS-00402]
Keywords: select; button; directional; player; game; buttons; fighting; settings; playstation; blood; start button; health meter; select exit; time limit; directional buttons; blood type; battle mode
Downloads: 68
[texts]Wolfchild (1993)(Victor)(US)
Wolfchild (1993)(Victor)(US)
Keywords: sega; saul; wolfchild; vitality; jmi; directional; bonuses; bonus; jvc; game; directional pad; vitality bar; jvc musical; jmi software; smart bombs; vitality bonuses; start button
Downloads: 33
[texts]Wonder Dog (1992)(JVC)(US)
Wonder Dog (1992)(JVC)(US)
Keywords: sega; directional; pad; jmi; press; planet; button; password; warranty; game; directional pad; press directional; wonder dog; jmi software; main game; game menu; control pad; start button
Downloads: 14
[texts]Corpse Killer (1994)(Digital Pictures)(US)[32X]
Corpse Killer (1994)(Digital Pictures)(US)[32X]
Keywords: sega; digital; press; menacer; genesis; datapod; corpse; game; bullets; digital pictures; black magic; corpse killer; technical support; enclosed product; start button; cay noir
Downloads: 39
[texts]XBOX Manual: Outlaw Golf (2003)(Hypnotix)(US)
XBOX Manual: Outlaw Golf (2003)(Hypnotix)(US)
Keywords: button; composure; outlaw; hit; toggle; thumbstick; game; mode; camera; tour; enter camera; country club; tour mode; xbox controller; outlaw range; saved game; options menu; start button; camera mode
Downloads: 33
[texts]generalmanual 000036375
generalmanual 000036375
Keywords: epson; scanner; scan; perfection; smart; panel; usb; iec; dpi; twain; smart panel; epson perfection; epson smart; epson twain; start button; scan directly; indicator light; full auto
Downloads: 13
[texts]generalmanual 000011410
generalmanual 000011410
Keywords: epson; scan; perfection; scanner; dpi; smart; color; series; panel; film; epson perfection; smart panel; epson smart; transparency unit; epson scan; start button; reflective document; indicator light; base side
Downloads: 18
[texts]Commodore C64 Manual: Blueprint (1983)(Commodore)
Commodore C64 Manual: Blueprint (1983)(Commodore)
Keywords: ammo; ogre; commodore; maze; bomb; cartridge; button; machine; hit; pit; start button; ammo machine; blue print; killer flower; weird willie; bomb disposal; fire button
Downloads: 85
[texts]XBOX Manual: Scooby Doo Mystery Mayhem MANUAL-XDX
XBOX Manual: Scooby Doo Mystery Mayhem MANUAL-XDX
Keywords: scooby; tome; thq; button; product; episode; warranty; xbox; shaggy; monsters; episode file; sandwich ingredients; video games; start button; left thumbstick; directional pad; day warranty; customer service
Downloads: 42
[texts]Sega Saturn Manual: Bust-A-Move 2 - Arcade Edition (1996)(Acclaim)(EU)[a]
Sega Saturn Manual: Bust-A-Move 2 - Arcade Edition (1996)(Acclaim)(EU)[a]
Keywords: game; placer; bubbles; select; button; bubble; sega; acclaim; fou; choose; move aiming; acclaim software; aiming arrow; acclaim entertainment; level select; start button
Downloads: 31
[texts]3DO Manual: Crime Patrol (1994)(American Laser Games)(US)
3DO Manual: Crime Patrol (1994)(American Laser Games)(US)
Keywords: sega; control; screen; player; pad; gun; start; button; plug; game; control pad; start button; control plug; start screen; special effects; american laser
Downloads: 38
[texts]generalmanual 000061233
generalmanual 000061233
Keywords: center; media; installation; radio; tuner; hardware; click; pci; program; input; media center; center edition; hauppauge computer; start button; set program; radio button; program access; hardware mpeg
Downloads: 16
[texts]3DO Manual: Who Shot Johnny Rock (1994)(American Laser Games)(US)
3DO Manual: Who Shot Johnny Rock (1994)(American Laser Games)(US)
Keywords: sega; control; screen; pad; player; start; gun; button; game; laser; control pad; control port; start button; start screen; american laser; pad start; laser games
Downloads: 50
[texts]Sega Saturn Manual: Virtua Cop (1996)(Sega)(US)
Sega Saturn Manual: Virtua Cop (1996)(Sega)(US)
Keywords: sega; stunner; screen; trigger; select; ammo; reload; saturn; weapon; button; press start; function control; sega stunner; stage select; sega saturn; pull trigger; start button; trigger start; choose option
Downloads: 39
[texts]Ultraverse Prime (1994)(Sony Imagesoft)(US)
Ultraverse Prime (1994)(Sony Imagesoft)(US)
Keywords: button; sony; prime; imagesoft; sega; comic; press; game; malibu; warranty; sony imagesoft; start button; comic book; video games; sony electronic; power switch; imagesoft product; game options; electronic publishing
Downloads: 29
[texts]Jeopardy! (1994)(Sony Imagesoft)(US)
Jeopardy! (1994)(Sony Imagesoft)(US)
Keywords: pad; sega; player; game; button; control; buzzes; directional; contestant; category; control pad; directional pad; sony imagesoft; control pads; video games; video game; three players; start button; player game
Downloads: 35
[texts]Sega Saturn Manual: Area 51 (1996)(GT Interactive)(US)
Sega Saturn Manual: Area 51 (1996)(GT Interactive)(US)
Keywords: alien; select; midway; entertainment; sega; gun; mission; shoot; credits; options; atari games; arcade options; player select; press start; mission objectives; mission status; battle selection; start button
Downloads: 50
[texts]XBOX Manual: Outlaw Golf
XBOX Manual: Outlaw Golf
Keywords: button; composure; outlaw; mode; hit; thumbstick; game; toggle; tour; camera; tour mode; start button; outlaw range; options menu; saved game; enter camera; country club; camera mode
Downloads: 59
[texts]Atari 5200 Manual: Star Wars - Return Of The Jedi - Death Star Battle (1983)(Parker Brothers)
Atari 5200 Manual: Star Wars - Return Of The Jedi - Death Star Battle (1983)(Parker Brothers)
Keywords: death; parker; star; energy; ship; interceptors; game; fireballs; millennium; tie; death star; tie interceptors; parker brothers; death ray; start button; difficulty level
Downloads: 66
[texts]Ground Zero Texas (1993)(Sony Imagesoft)(US)
Ground Zero Texas (1993)(Sony Imagesoft)(US)
Keywords: sega; texas; imagesoft; camera; sony; battlecam; press; sony imagesoft; sat; reece; ground; alien technology; video game; camera number; start button; imagesoft product
Downloads: 22
[texts]X-COM UFO Defence (1995)(Microprose)(US)[SLUS-00141]
X-COM UFO Defence (1995)(Microprose)(US)[SLUS-00141]
Keywords: press; button; highlight; ufo; select; screen; soldier; soldiers; bases screen; craft; button marked; time controls; equip craft; earth display; press start; ufo defense; ufo crash; start project; start button
Downloads: 46
[texts]Control Deck - Nintendo Entertainment System (1988)(Nintendo)(US)[rev 2]
Control Deck - Nintendo Entertainment System (1988)(Nintendo)(US)[rev 2]
Keywords: nes; control; deck; switch; pak; nintendo; controller; game; antenna; adapter; control deck; game pak; power switch; controller socket; consumer service; start button; service department; nes control; deck power; nintendo entertainment
Downloads: 36
[texts]Spyro the Dragon (1998)(Universal)(EU)[SCES-01438]
Spyro the Dragon (1998)(Universal)(EU)[SCES-01438]
Keywords: gou; qou; directional; draqon; button; draqons; memorg; gnasty; theq; buttons; directional buttons; left stick; memorg card; memory card; vibration function; start button; save gour; card slot; review qour; memorg cards
Downloads: 42
[texts]Sega Dreamcast Manual: Skies of Arcadia (2001)(Sega)(US)
Sega Dreamcast Manual: Skies of Arcadia (2001)(Sega)(US)
Keywords: select; press; battle; pinta; magic; vyse; menu; status; character; ship; start button; ship battle; status menu; battle modes; memory card; super move; menu item; experience points; pinta quest; status screen
Downloads: 27
[texts]Sega Dreamcast Manual: House of the Dead 2, The (1999)(Sega)(US)
Sega Dreamcast Manual: House of the Dead 2, The (1999)(Sega)(US)
Keywords: select; game; screen; mode; items; press; button; arcade; controller; boss; analog thumb; training selection; jump pack; selection menu; training session; expansion socket; sight speed; special agent; start button; title screen
Downloads: 36
[texts]BC Racers (1994)(Core)(US)
BC Racers (1994)(Core)(US)
Keywords: button; press; sega; bike; warranty; warner; control; race; directional; heat; start button; time warner; press button; core design; directional button; control pad; standard control; press left; league table; view mode
Downloads: 14
[texts]generalmanual 000029964
generalmanual 000029964
Keywords: epson; scanner; scan; color; perfection; film; start button; mode; scanning; click; select; epson perfection; smart panel; color restoration; transparency unit; scanner cover; epson scan; epson smart; start epson; indicator light
Downloads: 8
[texts]Heart of the Alien - Out of This World Parts I and II (1994)(Virgin)(US)
Heart of the Alien - Out of This World Parts I and II (1994)(Virgin)(US)
Keywords: sega; virgin; lester; button; producer; game; pad; directional; restart; enclosed product; technical support; hint; system directions; eric chahi; directional pad; direction pad; control menu; virgin interactive; start button; limited warranty
Downloads: 39
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Invader From Space (Epoch)

Keywords: game; missile; invaders; invader; ufo; readout; score; digital; displayed; level; invaders appear; invader hit; digital score; missile base; score readout; press start; control lever; missile bases; start button; intercept control
Downloads: 77
[texts]XBOX Manual: Dungeons and Dragons - Heroes - UK Manual
XBOX Manual: Dungeons and Dragons - Heroes - UK Manual
Keywords: hero; button; melee; heroes; instant; vour; press; pad; screen; directional pad; vour hero; start button; action menu; saved game; load game; wizard wield; turn undead; quest items; power move
Downloads: 41
[texts]Sega Dreamcast Manual: Bomberman Online (2001)(Sega)(US)
Sega Dreamcast Manual: Bomberman Online (2001)(Sega)(US)
Keywords: select; press; bomb; dreamcast; bomberman; online; menu; game; return; room; collection panels; room member; room master; time remaining; start button; pressure blocks; mini game; main menu; memory card; miso bomb
Downloads: 29
[texts]XBOX Manual: Sonic Riders
XBOX Manual: Sonic Riders
Keywords: game; thumbstick; air; select; gear; button; race; sonic; gaiuie; xbox; left thumbstick; extreme gear; game data; air tank; air pit; mode select; start button; game screen; limited warranty; chaos emerald
Downloads: 34
[texts]generalmanual 000008043
generalmanual 000008043
Keywords: timer; press; watering; cycle; batteries; button; warranty; alkaline; valve; faucet; alkaline batteries; start time; start button; skip button; weak batteries; three times; short beeps; low battery; electronic aqua; duration button
Downloads: 12
[texts]Mario's Tennis (1995)(Nintendo)(US)
Mario's Tennis (1995)(Nintendo)(US)
Keywords: nintendo; game; virtual; button; warranty; tennis; player; press; racquet; opponent; virtual boy; racquet contact; tennis school; contact area; control pad; screen pictured; start button; press start; game pak; automatic pause
Downloads: 48
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